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A Letter From The Founder

When I founded Sage Titanium in 2012, I was looking for something different. I grew up at a time when bike frames were forged from steel, aluminum and titanium. Back then, you lusted after a bike. You bought it. You held on to it. You cherished it. You rode it for decades. Call me nostalgic, but those classic designs were things of beauty.

Then bikes started to change. Composite construction replaced classic metal tubes as the preferred frame building material. By 2011, I’d spent five seasons on the latest and greatest race frames, and I was burned out on the carbon craze. Each year, I raced to purchase the next great advancement in carbon technology, yet I felt something was missing. Each bike had flash, but they were all just carbon shells, veneers with no substance. No mojo. No soul. They felt impersonal. They felt disposable. I was ready for a positive change.

I started Sage Titanium determined to offer bicycles that reconciled the class of the past with the performance of tomorrow. To me, titanium has always represented the future while maintaining the heritage of the bicycle’s past. The metal has a life to it. It changes the characteristics of the ride for the rider. It provides road feedback and smooths out the rough spots. It exudes a toughness and elegance that no frame material can match. It amazes. It inspires. It’s the foundation of every Sage bicycle.

All our titanium bikes are 100 percent designed, cut, welded and finished right here in the United States. Domestic production gives us unsurpassed quality control, and we are proud that every Sage Titanium frame meets the highest standards of performance, quality and craftsmanship. When you buy a Sage, you receive a machine that embodies the tradition of titanium while incorporating the refined technology of the future. You get personalized customer service that delivers your perfect bike. And each pedal stroke on that perfect bike will bring you joy for decades to come.

Welcome to Sage Titanium. Welcome to the Sage Family.

David Rosen

Founder, Sage Titanium Bicycles

Why titanium?

Titanium, for me, always represented the future. Steel has been around for decades, while aluminum just never inspired me. Carbon seems very impersonal. It can be molded anyway you want, but it does not have a life of its own. Titanium has a life to it. It changes the characteristics of the ride for the rider. There is a beautiful appearance and feel to titanium that distinguishes it from other frame materials. At the same time, it looks tough and elegant. It is hard to break, yet it can easily be repaired. It inspired me to further explore my love of the bicycle because of what it could do and what it could be.

What is a bicycle’s most important quality?

Ride quality is paramount. You should love the ride characteristics of your machine. Riding a bike evokes a sense of freedom, and if you are shackled to the ground because of your machine, then you are not enjoying a bicycle’s full potential.